1Up USA Bike Rack Wheel Lock 1/4 Turn Holder

From $20.00


If you have a 1Up bike rack and want a place to store your 1/4 turn locks, these products are for you! We offer the lock holder in many versions. These lock holders are 3D printed out of Black PETG material. PETG is a rigid material that is fairly durable. It can crack if too much force is applied to it so please be careful.

These lock holders use a nut and bolt (supplied) to mount to the outer most face of the bike rack. The bike rack has a 10mm hole in the middle of the rack which is used to secure the mount. Tighten the nut and bolt until the lock mount is snug. No need to overtighten as you may start to compress the 3D print. 

Choose between a 2 or 4 lock holder and  a minimal uncovered or full covered design. The minimal version does not provide any protection. The fully covered version has covers over both sides of the lock to help minimize exposure to the rain and sun. Message us with any questions. 

THE EZ-Pull version uses the existing bolts that come with the EZ-Pull kit.