Adjustable Angle Bolt on GoPro Session Mount (Detroit Multirotor Frames)

From $18.00

These GoPro Session Mounts are designed to fit the Whippet and Borzoi series frames from Detroit MultiRotor.
The mount can be adjusted from approx 15 to 45 degrees and bolts onto to top frame plate using existing M3 screw holes.  There are slots in the back that allow you to also use a tie wrap to secure it better if desired.  There are two types of mounts to choose from depending on the frame you are using.  For more information or a instructional video please see the original universal adjustable mount product page.
The Whippet Series mount fits the following frames.
  • DMR VortX
  • DMR BeastMode
  • DMR BeastMode-L
  • DMR Pixel
  • DMR Pix
  • DMR Hi5
  • DMR Hi4 
The Borzoi Series mount fits the following frames.
  • DMR Borzoi
  • DMR Borzoi Saddle
  • DMR Borzoi Slim X